My Korean Postpartum Experience

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Brevi is 50 days already! :D We brought him home after three weeks at the Korean postpartum centre and he’s put on a lot of weight. He’s twice the size of his birthweight… he’s a little cute chubchubs at the moment and do not look anything like how he looked like at birth. So cute how babies change so much! Here’s my belated review on the Korean postpartum system.

I decided to have my child in Korea partially due to my husband’s work and as Korea is known to have superb postpartum care system (산후조리원) for the baby and the mother. Koreans believe that women need to recover for at least 삼칠일 samchil il (three and seven days = 21 days), wrapped up from head to toe, to prevent any ‘air’ to go into your bones, even in the hottest summers. Supposedly, bone joints ‘open up’ while a woman is giving birth and if not recovered properly, you’ll suffer joint pains and shivers for the rest of your life. Moreover, Asian women are generally smaller in built than Caucasian women and yet Asian babies are bigger in size, requiring more time to heal. So while we hear stories of American girls taking cold showers or drinking cold drinks right after giving birth, or returning to work in few days like a champ, that calls for a deer-caught-in-headlights reaction by the Korean ajummas and is a big nono in Korea. (Relatives here still refuse to let me drink cold water or eat ice cream!) I was told in Singapore and China, women do not take showers for one month to fully recover.

We thought about giving birth in Cali and having my mom take care of me during the recovery period, but I thought I’d be better taken care of at postpartum centers that have professional doctors, nurses, and aestheticians around the clock. Upscale postpartum centers are gaining popularity in Korea and many women have been benefiting from the excellent care system. I chose DeRama, where I also gave birth at, which is regarded as one of the best postpartum centers in Seoul and has had many famous celebrities and women from all over (Japan, Hong Kong, China, etc that heard of Korea’s famous postpartum clinics) check in post birth. Another popular one is St.Parks, but I went with DeRama because it has dermatology/gyno/pediatrics doctors all in one building.  Overall, these centers provide superb care and restive experience for women who’d like to be pampered post-birth (when you’ll need as much help and care as you can get!) and recover in a spa-like atmosphere. Here is a glimpse of what my day was like at the center:

  1. “room dining:” be served breakfast, lunch, and dinner made by ex-Lotte Chef directly to you room. Be served little snacks and fruits in between.
  2. Breastfeed baby either in your room, or at the infant room (신생아실) across the hall, every two hours when the nurses call. Lactation professionals that are available around the clock will help you to get your milk started. You can meet other mothers while breastfeeding and make mommy friends. :)
  3. Rest and lounge around in bed, watching tv or reading a book. While I had to feed the baby every two hours, it was good having professional nurses watch your baby to help mothers relax and recover. At times, I’d pump my milk ahead of time so that nurses can feed the baby and I can skip one nighttime feeding to get a good night sleep.
  4. Go up to 7th floor spa daily and receive their famous 2-hr high-frequency wave massage that supposedly gets you back into shape faster (고주파 관리). Loved this! I lost all my pregnancy weight when I left the center.
  5. Gyno checkup downstairs once a week to check if your ovaries are shrinking regularly.
  6. Get dermatology services downstairs if you’d like to also get skincare.

1. Room

2014-12-06 10.44.19

St. Parks is newer and has better facilities than DeRama, which is over five years old, so I didn’t expect much from the rooms. Although it has upscale finishings with wood and marble flooring and a hotel-like bed, the electronics were outdated and the rooms small. But the room condition was the least important in what I looked for in a postpartum clinic so this was okay. They have maid service once a day, during the time when you’d be getting your spa service, which was excellent because I didn’t have to inform them on when they need to clean, etc. They contact the spa directly for your schedule that day. The room of course has cable, internet, small fridge, air humidifier, heater, etc.

2014-12-06 10.45.02

Every room comes with your own 좌욕기 that they recommend for you to use 3~5 times a day, 15 minutes each. It’s suppose to help you heal and recover faster for those that had natural delivery.  I wasn’t sure what this was prior to going in but I heard it does wonders, and I did recover quickly. :) Note: Some postpartum clinics have ones to share with other mothers and I’m not sure how sanitary that’d be, so it’s something to check prior to deciding where to go.

2. Infant Care System

view right from my door

view right from my door

Infant care was the highest on my list and rightfully so, bc the newborn is so fragile and you want to make sure your baby gets the best care.  The babies stay in the 24-hr care centre run by registered nurses, unlike ladies at other postpartum centres with no degrees. You get almost private care for your baby- it’s a strict 2:1 baby to nurse ratio and there are usually around 6~8 babies per floor at a time. The VIP rooms that cost $22,000 for two weeks have private 1:1 nurse service.

2014-12-07 11.34.23

The nurses call your room when it’s time for your baby to breastfeed (around every two hrs for newborns). They track and keep daily records of when your baby ate, for how long, when your baby change diapers, and weigh and bathe your baby daily, and most importantly, the lactation consultants here help to successfully breastfeed: they help the baby to latch on as well as to help mommy’s milk to start. I went in not knowing a single thing about how to take care of newborns, let alone breastfeeding, and came out being pretty comfortable breastfeeding (me), burping (hubby), bathing (hubby), changing diapers and holding/calming the baby. Another great thing about DeRama is that a pediatric doctor does her rounds to the two infant centers here DAILY to make sure your baby is healthy, and calls you to your room daily to inform you on your baby’s health and measurements. Thank God for this- being first time parents we had SO many question and we wanted to make sure he’d be in good hands in the first few days of his life, and having professionals around calmed all our fears.

3. Food

2014-12-06 13.11.23 2014-12-06 09.05.12

Food was superb.The Chef is ex-Lotte hotel chef, and the meals are prepared carefully to meet the nutritional needs of recovering and breastfeeding mothers.  The main dish for recovering mothers in Korea is usually 미역국 Miyukgook (seaweed soup) and it was accompanied by a salad, side dishes, and brown rice.  Even though it’s no-MSG, low sodium and super healthy food, I didn’t get sick of it as the menu constantly changed.

4. Spa

2014-12-07 14.00.04

The daily two-hr high frequency spa that helps put your body back into shape was one of the top reasons why I had chosen Derama. They are known for their spas and pride themselves in being number one in Korea. After having received their massages, including the prenatal ones which in the package, I’m not too sure if they are worthy of being labeled the top. They were great, don’t get me wrong, but it just wasn’t the best to justify the high price tag. But I guess can’t complain- I did come out of the center with most of the pregnancy weight gone and it was great receiving daily massages to relax the tense muscles from labor and breastfeeding.

The service of the receptionists at the spa were too prude for my taste, but this i shall just pass.

In any event, we were satisfied overall with the professional care here from the doctors and the nurses. My husband and I left the center after three weeks of recovery with much knowledge on newborn care and brought home our bundle of joy on Christmas day. :) (best christmas present ever!) I’m so thankful Korea has these top-notch postpartum care for women- I’ve heard first time parents panic bringing the newborns home and frequent the emergency room for anything and everything, and that would’ve totally been us had we had come straight home. If I were to have a second I’ll probably check out the other center. Those who are expecting in Korea should check it out.

Arrival of our baby boy^^ (Dec 3rd, 2014)

2014-12-04 08.10.50

Our beautiful bundle of joy arrived earlier than we expected- at

37 weeks and 1 day, weighing 2.62 kgs on

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014, at 10: 47am!!

*tear* :)

I still can’t believe I’m now a mommy! It feels surreal and I never thought I’d ever feel this way, but I am so thankful that I was born a female for a different reason post this event. Yes, my pregnancy was hard- I had a severe case of morning sickness that lasted from week 6 to week 18, wherein I was throwing up every few hours every. single. day. And I couldn’t stand the smell of basically everything. In the third trimester, I had a bruised right rib cage because my baby kicked in the same area repeatedly. My delivery- written below- was nothing I had imagined and really really terrifying… but I now have a newfound respect for all those that went through active labor. I feel sooo thankful that I have had the honor of experiencing a child kick and squirm inside me (growing from a little bean to a little human!), and to have experienced giving birth to another being, despite all that I went through for the last 9 months.

I thought I’d write about my delivery to mark another truly blessed and humbling moment in my life, the details of my labor which I shared many many times with family, friends, and the confinement centre girls I got to know while brestfeeding in the last couple days bc we all share the same experiences in how we got here. :P I still can’t believe he’s here!


Tuesday, December 2nd: Though I had two other baby showers with my friends, (one in America, one in Korea.. post to follow soon!) my awesome cousins in Korea also wanted to throw me a small baby shower. so we gathered at my place and had a great time. I told them I am 37 weeks, so as of today, I can deliver anytime now and the baby won’t be considered premature. Little did I know then, that “the day” would be that very night!

Wednesday, December 3rd [1:30am]: Hubby and I were up talking about random things before going to bed, as usual… and as I was laying in bed, I felt something leak. Surprised, I got up quickly as our doctor informed us the previous week of all the possible labor symptoms that one could have. I don’t know if I knew it was the amniotic fluid rupturing at that very moment, but as soon as I got up, I sort of- this could be a bit gross to some-  made a puddle on our bedroom floor as warm water continuously leaked down. (thank God for Korea’s non-carpet flooring!) I was so surprised I started to shake for good thirty minutes, and hubby tried to calm me down as he called our hospital. They said we’d need to pack our bags and check in as they believe it’s labor on the way, though they still would need to do a test to confirm. He packed the rest of the half-packed bag (I thought I had two or three weeks to pack the rest), and within two hours, we were headed our way to the hospital. Apparently, Seoul had its first snowstorm for this winter so we had a hard time getting there. I wasn’t even aware that it was heavily snowing outside.. the episode in getting to the hospital is a story to tell. In any event, we safely made it!

[3:00am]: finally checked in, got our private room, and the tests by the nurses confirmed that it indeed is amniotic fluid and that I’d need to deliver within 24 hours to prevent infection. I didn’t feel anything then, just a slight cramp. We made ourselves comfortable and had NO idea what was to come. Another patient was due any minute in the next room (it’s a small private hospital with four private rooms total), so the nurses decided to provide me medication to induce labor at 6am instead.

[6:00am] I get my medication. My veins are really hard to find, and unfortunately the nurses said the needle used is the thickest out there. It takes several painful attempts to finally find a vein that didn’t pop. (this didn’t help in easing my nervousness AT ALL). They said the effects of medication to induce labor varies on each person, and says the baby probably won’t be coming until later that night, or even the next day. So we try to relax and take pictures around our private room, talk about the crazy night we just had, and both are nervous/excited about meeting our little one so so soon.

[6:30am] Literally 30 minutes later, I am feeling the pain already at pain level 80%. I guess our baby has been eager to come out ever since he popped the amniotic fluid- I am rolling around the bed and my poor hubby looks helpless.. I’m traumatized thinking about this moment. It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.  But him being there next to me really helps… the nurse says I’m only open 1cm, and in order to receive epidural, I’d need to be open at the least a minimum 3cm. I couldn’t believe it’s only open 1cm when it already hurts this much. wth?

[10:00am] I am feeling it 100% by now, I’ve never felt such an excruciating pain. It’s hard to describe but it seems like my organs are being cut into pieces. I feel foolish to have thought it wouldn’t be so bad with the help of epidural… for me, even getting to the appropriate dilation to receive the medication hurt so much in itself that epidural is no longer a miracle medicine. it really freaken hurts. the nurses say I’ve finally dilated to 3cm and calls the anesthetist, which seemed like forever. She makes me crunch sideways into a ball, and inserts the medication onto my back. (Hubby and nurses are keeping my arms and legs down as she’s doing this- I am in so much pain that I can’t stop moving and twisting my body. I think I’m yelling and crying at this point). The doctor says I’ll be fine within 10 to 15 minutes or so… and I wait… wait… and wait…. but the pain gets worse. I feel so helpless and upset that epidural didn’t work AT ALL.  I don’t know why I had been so confident that my delivery would be okay- I had totally trusted the modern medicine too much. The hubby tries to have me do the breathing technique the whole time to help ease the pain, but it doesn’t work and I’m too occupied to work with him anyway.

[10:30am] Hubby has to stand next to the bed opening to keep me from falling off, I am crying and yelling as the contractions are coming and going every 5 seconds. It gets worse and worse as the seconds pass… I couldn’t even open my eyes so I have no idea what’s going on, but I hear nurses saying they see the baby’s head. I guess I am finally dilated to 10cm. Out of nowhere I feel the bed transform into a delivery bed with the leg pieces, and the doctor shows up. She tells me to start pushing, so I push based on what I learned in prenatal yoga classes, hoping that I’m doing okay. I’ve been told if you put pressure on your head, your face veins can pop.

[10:47am] I push about five to seven times.. then the weirdest feeling. I feel the head come out, then the rest of its body. Suddenly, the pain subsides to a light cramp and I am able to keep my body stable. The doctor said mine was one of the fastest deliveries and the active labor for me was just.. short and intense. The pain of giving labor seemed like nothing because of the crazy contractions I had the last few hours.. I don’t even remember if it hurt, because the contractions hurt so much more.

The nurses have the hubby cut our baby’s umbilical cord and places the baby on my chest. I thought I’d be overwhelmed with emotions, but nothing passes through my head at that moment. I just ask if it’s healthy and ask what he looks like.

brevi is here!

brevi is here!


I think it took me good 20 minutes to finally get back into my senses and then be so overwhelmed and overjoyed with the fact that our little angel has arrived.. I think I kept repeating, I can’t believe we are a mommy and daddy now. We couldn’t stop looking at him for the rest of the night.. I’m sure we’re biased, but he’s soo much cuter than what we’d expected and I can’t believe this little thing was living inside me! what a love at first site. <3

our private room

our private room where I delievered

I gave birth at DeRama Hospital in Seoul, which is connected to the DeRama Postpartum Center that I’ll be staying at and recovering for the next 3 weeks. It’s a well known, private clinic run by awesome women doctors whom know exactly what girls want. I’ll review on the center in the next post. The hospital on the 6th floor has four private rooms in a nice, quiet, and peaceful setting, so it’s not as scary as big hospitals. You go through labor, delivery, and recovery all on the same bed, in the same room. The nurses are right outside your door to accommodate you if you need anything. Though expensive, I am SO thankful that I delivered here.. if I had to be moved from room to room, if I had to wait for the doctor to come, if I was surrounded by other patients and people, I don’t know how I could’ve handled this stressful process. I stayed here for two nights and three days in peace, served the most delicious hospital meals, and went downstairs to the 4th floor and checked-in at the postpartum center, which I’ll be staying in for the next three weeks until Christmas. I love it here!! Other than my sore body, I feel like I’m at some kind of resort vacationing with my little angel. post to follow!

Here’s our little brevi two days later…  at the postpartum center. soo cute! <3 <3


Maternity Photography in Korea

It’s been a bit over two months since I’ve been in Korea… and I gotta say, Korea is super fun. ;) I think I’d rate Seoul as the number one city for the quality of service and products you get for the same price across diff cities. It’s def not cheap here either, but you really get the top-notch quality products for the same price you’d pay in US or Singapore (Seoul: too many talented ppl = too much competition = low prices for consumers :D )

Because we got so burnt from the ‘high-end’ popular photographer (see my post below), we decided to look for affordable photographers in Korea for my real maternity photoshoot now that I’m at 36 weeks.  and there were many.  There was, of course, the high-end one that all the celebrities seem to shoot at (May Studio), but upon visiting we were turned off by the high pricing (though a lot lower than jen huang and it comes with an album and photo editing service. jen huang was just digital copies..) and their inflexibility in providing the original copies. I would’ve probably went with them had I not tried a popular photographer in America, but by now we learned our lesson that expensive is not always better- we’d only go for up-and-coming, talented photographers, not those that are already up there to still hold the drive to want to cater and please the clients.

We found two that have different concepts with really reasonable rates so we just went with both just to try it out. It seems photoshoots are an excuse for girls to do a makeover and have fun :) The service and products offered are amazing:


1. Moda Studio: $200 (seriously??)

-four outfit changes, all provided by the studio. different concepts as requested
-all original files given
-provides professional editing service for four pictures
-8 x 10 picture frame or wooden vintage photobox

2014-11-20 15.58.59

2. Baby Pastel Studio: $500
(discounted to $350 bc we ended up booking our baby’s 50 day and 100 day photos here)

– professional makeup and hair provided for free (another.. seriously??) they had their own makeup and hair stylist. this studio is huge!
– three outfit changes all provided by the studio, four different background concepts. (they have various backgrounds here)
-professional edits for 10 pictures
-a 10 page album with the edited pictures
-12×14 frame

so a total $750 (or $550) spent on two studios for better service and guidance, free makeup, hair, album, frames, edited pictures, etc etc etc, compared to Jen Huang’s $1800 (-$300 travel fee) for an hour of her time, with no albums, edits, etc. just digital files. From now on for any of our family shoot in America, I’ll be going with my original wedding photographer or up-and-coming photographers. (we’re still hurting from the $$$ wasted sniff sniff)

Moda Studio concept is simple and clean-cut, with no background. Baby Pastel is more “wedding-like,” catering to girls that want to use pregnancy as an excuse to re-live their wedding studio shoot (“rehearsal shoot” in Korean). :) here are some samples! (please note, these are before professional edits, so i’m curious how the edited version will turn out!

Moda Studio (unedited)

IMG_0658 IMG_0668 IMG_0682 IMG_0694

These angel wing shots are kind of corny, but I like them anyway. The photographer that took this explained to us that he sees mothers as “angels” and thus incorporated this concept :)

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Few more tips when choosing a photographer (Wedding/Maternity)

I thought I’d share with you my views (and lesson learned) on hiring a ‘popular’ photographer.

JenHuang-ADMaternity-007501-R1-014-92014-09-10 16.19.49

So at five months into my pregnancy (when my belly was still not so big), I flew to the states for my husband’s company party and to visit my lovely family. Because I only get see them once a year, I thought it’d be a great idea to hire a photographer and do a semi maternity/family/baby shower shoot for a small gathering with few friends and family at our house.

In the past for my wedding in both Korea and America, I hired the photographers I absolutely loved that had the style and color I was looking for- at a reasonable cost. While I admired the high-profile photographers that show up in magazines and blogs all over, I couldn’t fathom spending $6,000~9,000 or more for wedding photography. I thought the up and coming photographers, with at least few years of experience to have a substantial amount of portfolio that I can look through, would please us just fine in what we wanted from our photographer.

and they did. both my korean and wedding photographers were wonderful. Korea and America had different wedding styles and colors of their own, but it represented “us” and they really went out of their way to provide us with the most memorable pictures by capturing every moment. We can’t recommend them enough.

However, my justification in hiring a high-end popular photographer this time was that this would be just a few hours thing, like an engagement shoot, and it wouldn’t be as expensive as a wedding shoot (or so i thought). The price ended up being super high (in my standards) at USD $1800 for one hour ($1500 for ONE hour + $300 in travel costs from Santa Barbara to Orange County- three hrs by car). I told my husband it’d all be worth it since she’d create the most amazing pictures ever.

 a big mistake. let me explain why.

*Please note this is just an opinion from an ordinary blogger, as I only see praises and high-star ratings for all the photographers such as Jose Villa, Jen Huang and Caroline Tran.  I love soft colors in America photography so these were the “high-end” photographers I became a fan of, and we ended up going with Jen Huang Photography bc she was available.


1. We’re not models. 

Her per hour rate was nearly as much (or 2/3rds) as what I had spent for my wedding photography for the WHOLE DAY, from makeup to after party. But I told myself it’d all be worth it bc we would come out beautiful and it’d be something that’ll last us a lifetime.

When I received my photos- I had around 100 pictures to choose from, with half being prop shots.  This translated to around 2~4 shots for each scene. We were stunned.  This type of photography ONLY WORKS if you are the type that comes out good in every picture. If you and your date look like models, then please ignore this post as you’ll not run into this problem bc you’ll come out good anyway.  However, for an average joe couple like ourselves who NEEDS many many shots to finally find one that we both come out good in, you will be disappointed. From the 100 shots we received, we only ‘kind of’ liked… maybe 5 shots. 5 shots, at $1800. That’s $360 per picture. We didn’t know what to think.. sorry we don’t come out good every time, but we paid a substantial amount for your service and therefore we expected you to be able to find the angle and shot that would flatter us.

At our engagement and wedding shoots in both Korea and the US, the photographer took 600~1000 shots for engagement that we can choose from, most shot beautifully, and an average of 3000~5000 for our wedding shoot. From there, you are BOUND to find at least 100 that you like, which are the ones we posted and got high praises from all our family and friends.  and most of the shots were amazing quality shots, not just random captures an amateur would take at that rate. I understand Jen uses film photos, which she may not want to snap away as each film costs money, but we really thought we’d have more shots to choose from as she charges premium price for her service.  Or shoot every picture like a champion so that we love every one of them. I also expected her to go back and forth and fixing my hair and pose as other photographers had, but there wasn’t much guidance.


2. Service, or the lack of.

I understand that as a photographer, you want to be respected of your time and not let clients take advantage of you. But from the perspective of clients, we want someone that can be flexible and understanding, as things can’t work out exactly the way you plan it during special occasions as there are many things going on. We were very lucky to have met previous photographers who went over the time they stated time to get in the last shots at unexpected times. they were super easy-going and seemed so excited to be there and share the experience with us. However, our “expensive” photographer’s attitude was more of, ‘okay, my time is really valuable and i’m doing you a big favor by going over 15 minutes.’ Though we were very apologetic when i was held back for five minutes as my decorations were not done yet and my dad had trouble finding jeans to match, and though she probably saw me running around and trying to change into different outfits as soon as possible, she didn’t try to appease myself or my family or make this enjoyable and comfortable experience.  What was suppose to be a fun hour became super stressful. One time, she actually said “oh actually, we only have 15 minutes left so maybe we should just do this shot with that clothing.”

This is not a bad thing- for those who don’t mind getting exactly what they paid for. But even for myself, I’m the type that under promise and over deliver in my job, as I understand you gain ppl’s trust when you really go out of your way. She did go over around 15 minutes than the promised time, but it was more of her ‘i’m doing you a favor’ attitude that just caught me off. If at least the pictures turned out beautiful, if only her prices were way lower…  if if and more if’s. but for its price, and for the quality of pictures i got, she was NOT worth it.

I miss the fun Iris and Light (US) engagement shoot we shot from 2~8pm that turned out absolutely beautiful, at half her cost. I miss the 6 hour Korean engagement shoot (donggam atriumlee) that even photoshopped our features.

Jen actually lost few of the pictures we took and forgot to take detailed shots of the props I wanted, but there were no apologies, just a mere “it was due to light that I decided not to take it” (i’m too professional to admit to my faults and let the client know on the day of) or “we probably shot with an iphone then bc it can’t just disappear” (I possibly couldn’t have made that mistake).

In any event, a total loss of $$ and much frustration for five pretty shots.  Please note, the pictures posted- I had someone in Korea photoshop for me. They aren’t the originals, which were much worse.

*another note, the flower crown, bouquet, cupcakes, cakes, sugar pops were all made that day to prepare for this shoot.

lesson learned, go with your guts and hire a more down-to-earth, easygoing photographer that will accommodate YOU, not the other way around.

JenHuang-ADMaternity-007500-R1-010-107 JenHuang-ADMaternity-007500-R1-012-110

Final shot I like (yes, it’s photoshopped):


We’re in Korea! (Sept-March 2014)

We’re in Koreaaaaaa!

We temporarily relocated to Korea for six months due to… me being preggers and for my husband’s work matters. *celebrate* Things have been great this year.. we are welcoming our first child in December of this year, we just had our two year anniversary in Phuket, and we’ve moved to Korea… and I’m welcoming all the change. The timing had worked out perfectly because our new condo in Singapore isn’t finished building yet, and our current two-year lease had run out this month. In any event, I am sooo happy I’m here! I feel truly lucky that I have the chance to live in so many different cities despite the craziness from the constant move. Packing and moving all of our belongings into storage all in one day before getting on our midnight flight to Korea was just… chaos. I’m so thankful that we met such great movers and storage rep in Sing that helped me get all the things packed safely or else I don’t know how I’d be here right now.

We’ve relocated to an apartment in Chungdam-dong in Seoul, Korea. The location is great- it’s the Orchard of Singapore and Beverly Hills of Los Angeles, yet the price is very reasonable considering its location. There’s a view of hangang river from our apt, and due to Koreans preferring to live in big mega-projects , there’s an ample room for amenities including hiking trail around the neighborhood. Here’s few pic of the place we’ll be staying at for the next several months:

2014-09-17 13.54.522014-09-17 14.31.46

2014-09-17 13.53.58

2014-09-17 14.40.54

2014-09-16 12.53.18

I’ll post pictures of hangang view and the hiking trails when i can!

But best of all, I love that I’m close to all the top-notch hair/skin care/massage shops, and everything beauty-related that girls love. Korea is a girl’s heaven. I’ll be posting reviews soon of the prenatal massages and confinement centers that Korea’s also known for. I’m getting my first massage this week along with my facial and I’ll post detailed reviews on it soon after!

Korea also has the best and the fastest service. We joke that it may be because Koreans are impatient by nature, but we bought Samsung 1000ml refrigerator, kimchi fridge, and TV when we arrived to use during our stay (Korea’s cheaper and carries the latest Samsung products that aren’t available overseas, and we were fed up from using the crappy ones that came in rental housing. We will be shipping these and few furnitures to Singapore)- in any event, we made our purchase at 9PM. They delivered all the products the next morning. We called for internet and TV service, they also came the next day to set up. So we got all the electronics and internet/tv the day we moved in! After these awesome guys came in to set it up in a professional manner, they texted me with a smiley face (cute) to tell me that I can now use the refrigerator because it’s been plugged in for more than two hours. talk about great service! America sucks in that way and it feels really great to finally not be on the waiting end. Hope I don’t get too spoiled by living here.

So many missing posts.. vietnam, taiwan, phuket, our anniversary, my maternity pictures in America… i’ll post a sneak peak for now and post a review on my maternity shoot later.

2014-09-10 16.19.492014-09-10 16.20.23