Kitchenware Shopping for Newlyweds @ Bloomingdales

This past weekend, My mom and I went randomly shopping at Bloomingdales. She insisted that (rule #1:) newlyweds need good kitchenware that will last us a lifetime, and that (rule #2:) it’s a Korean tradition for moms to buy kitchenware for their soon-to-be-married daughter.  Plus, she added, there is a major sale going on this weekend on name brands and it would end this Sunday.

Little did I know previous to my visit today how much these little pans and plates really cost, or what “bone china” or “Le Creuset” is. I’ve learned a lot this weekend. I had no interest in dishes and I ended up getting four sets from Villeroy & Boch (four sets rule #3: mom says married couples should always have sets of four for guests) of bowls, plates, cups, and glasses in different sizes, or more. She .It’s made in Germany in both bone china and porcelain. I’m not sure if that’s a whole lot better, but supposedly it’s higher quality and sturdier.

This was a simple everyday-use white set though, so we decided to get pretty plates for formal uses. We chose the gold one way on the right: it’s gorgeous and classy.

a cute teacup that comes with it 🙂

And onto pots and pans. All-Clad and Le Creuset are supposedly two of the best out there, and I have heard numerous times before that it is good to invest in good cookware. The main reason is that the average cookware can ooze bad chemicals over time and can be dangerous. Here is the “copper core” cookware that’s supposedly better than the regular line, and its crazy high pricing.

The one that I bought.. the color is beautiful! 🙂

We also bought a knife set from Henckels. Supposedly I’ve been using it all along and I had no idea. Two men label are better than the one man label.

So all in all, our everyday-use plates, special set plates, cookware pots and pans, and a knife set was purchased for around $3000 after discounts. It should’ve been wayyy more, but my mom was right, the discount at Bloomingdales was really great this weekend (up to 50%). Thinking about it, I guess it’s good that I had the chance to shop around with my mom for everyday items such as these. It’ll become one of those valuables that I’ll be reminded of our time together 20 to 30 years from now and a reminder of what my mom had done for me. My mom also still has her set of plates, spoons, and chopsticks (and even a blanket) that she received when she got married. 🙂

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