Kitchenware Shopping for Newlyweds #2

Besides All-Clad and Le Creuset, there were two other brands my mom wanted to look at that are not available in Bloomingdales: Perma-Life and Fissler. She said these are the top brands that Koreans prefer because it is sturdy and made in excellent quality materials not harmful to health.  Because there’s not much demand for overly expensive cookware in the US, these European brands are only sold in Europe and Asia. For us picky Koreans living in LA, it was available in Koreatown, Los Angeles. 😆

Perma-Life is located inside Radio Korea building in Koreatown. The space looked kind of shady with bunch of Korean ladies being trained for pot/pan sales. In any event, here’s a picture of the sample set:

Each pan ranges in between the price of $300~600. Perma-life cookware is made in nine layers of special type of stainless steel, which gives excellent heat distribution and conductivity. In looking at the aesthetics alone (trusting the quality of these ridiculously high-priced cookware), Perma-Life did not impress me. It’s plain-jane, and I just didn’t like the atmosphere where it’s being sold.. can’t they get a regular shop?

Fissler is sold in the Roland building in Koreatown, little past Olympic and Wilshire. Here’s what the set looks like:

There’s more types, but I’ve only gathered the ones I would need. Fissler is made in Germany and also ranges from $300~600 each. Not that it’s significantly better, but Fissler was more chiq and appealing than its competitor. It also has those bumpy bottoms that evenly distributes the heat.  Probably the only downside is that it’s one of those cookware you find at every Korean’s home, because I see that circle pattern everywhere.

Choices, choices! Two of my favorite spaces in a home is the kitchen and the closet, so it’s hard trying to find the cutest cookware without compromising great quality. We haven’t decided yet, but probably Fissler it is!

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