Choosing our Wedding Bands @ Tiffany’s!

Last Saturday, we went to South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa during our break from Catholic Engagement Encounter to finalize our choices and to put in the order for our wedding bands at Tiffany & Co. Since my fiance is moving to Singapore first soon, we thought it’d be better to order it early so that all the engraving can be done by our wedding day. (we found out later it takes about two weeks) I always knew I wanted either the half circle or full circle of round brilliant diamonds in platinum (see blow), so it was easier to narrow down after few visits.  I first came in with my mom during our kitchenware shopping at bloomingdales and stopped by again with my fiance during our shopping for the engagement shoot to pick out his ring as well. After carefully trying out the rings and weighing the pros and cons of each, we finally confirmed our order + the engravings! Hopefully the information below will help some of you who are happily ring shopping!

My band: Shared-Setting Band Ring with a half circle of round brilliant diamonds in platinum.

Based on what I saw on the website, I actually wanted the full circle version of this ring… until I found out that full circle band cannot be resized or engraved. It was really important to me that we have our names or initials engraved on both of our rings (or else this ring would be like any other), so it was a pass. My mom also thought having diamonds inside your hands where you can’t really see was a waste of money and hard to upkeep. The half circle ring is nearly $3000 less than the full circle bands and I thought, hmm… do I want to spend $3000 more and not be able to engrave it with cute wordings? no thanks! it was an easy decision for us. 🙂

I’ve also tried the channel-set (enclosed diamonds) and the Tiffany jazz band (which is adorable by the way!), but I thought the shared-setting looked the most clean-cut and classy with my simple Tiffany setting diamond ring. The appeal of channel-set/Tiffany jazz bands are that the diamonds are enclosed, so that they’re less prone to scratches or breaks and most importantly, will not scratch your main diamond ring.

My fiance’s: Milgrain wedding band ring in platinum. 

He didn’t want it too plain like most guy’s rings, but also didn’t like the small diamond setting inside the band either. We liked that Milgrain was clean-cut yet edgy with stylish trims.

This is what we decided to engrave (pic below). Tiffany & Co gives you a sheet like this, which gives you a choice of font options and the wording.

HisANGIE  ♥ DAVID 9.9.12 (with center bullet point)

Mine: D ♥ A 9.9.12 (because my ring’s smaller, it can’t fit as many characters)

I initially thought engraving came with the band pricing (?! my main diamond’s letters was free of charge.. but maybe it was bc of the huge price difference??), but they actually charge you extra. Here’s the breakdown:  $30 for the first three letters, then $6 for each additional letters. Heart is counted as one letter. Bullet points are not counted. There are two cursive fonts and two block fonts that we can choose from, which is the top row on the engraving sheet above.

We pondered the idea of getting creative with our engraving words, but we decided to stick with our names + our wedding date in case we might get bored of it later. It doesn’t mean they aren’t super cute though! Here are some phrases down below that I really really wanted to put, but kept myself from doing so. 🙂

Happily Ever After
Truly, Madly, Deeply
Never Another You
Never To Part
I Found Love & Love Was You
One Life, One Love
One Love, One Lifetime
Today, Tomorrow, Always
My Love, My Life, My Friend
You Are The Love Of My Heart
I pick you…
Love of my Life
I got carried away on 9.9.12
You’re The One!
You Have My Heart
Eternally Yours
Two Souls United
You’re My Jackpot!
The Beginning Of Forever
From This Day Forward
Mine, Mine, all Mine!!!
All My Love, All My Life

Here’s a photo of our ring on our fingers that we bought for each other. We love it. I can’t wait to start wearing it with my engagement ring!

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